A Family That Loves Big: The Wrights and The Hartsocks

How fortunate I am to know this family! Lori (that beautiful woman in the middle with the adorable mauve-colored cardigan) is my "boss" at The Flower Shop, where I spend the other half of my time when I'm not out on portrait shoots and editing at my computer. I put the word boss in quotes because Lori is unlike any boss there is. She's family! Our team at the shop is like family, and Lori is our supporter, cheerleader, advocate, shoulder to cry on, daily dose of happy, prayer warrior, and so much more. Her lovely family is her number one in life, right behind her true number one which is Jesus. She and her husband, Larry, run The Flower Shop together, and I am so extremely blessed to work for them! They gathered their family together in their back yard on a gorgeous November evening to capture a little bit of real life together. Some photos are posed and some aren't. Some tried to be and it didn't work but I snapped the camera anyway! Because this session was about capturing a family in all their moments – not just their "perfect" ones. Look close enough and you'll see some funnies! But it doesn't take much to see that this is a family that loves BIG.