Marketing Photography for Leslie Herring Events

Meet Leslie and Morgan of Leslie Herring Events! Leslie is a dear friend who owns and operates a successful wedding planning business that serves couples from New York to Texas and everywhere in between!


I believe it’s so important to have professional photos taken for your marketing and social media content photography. It helps maintain a cohesive brand across all your platforms –– website, business cards, Instagram, Facebook, magazine ads and more.


A styled shoot for your marketing purposes doesn’t need to be over-thought or overdone. It’s important to stick to a particular look and feel, and not stray outside your brand’s parameters. Consistency in content photography is key!

Being able to answer these simple questions can help you get an idea of where to aim when dreaming up a styled photo shoot:

  1. What is your brand’s color scheme and overall look?

  2. When potential clients or customers see your brand’s Instagram or website, what do you want them to a.) feel about you, and b.) learn about you?

  3. If you were to describe your brand in three words, what would they be?


Want to brainstorm a styled shoot for your blog, brand or business? Or maybe you’ve already been dreaming up ways to create consistency across your marketing platforms and you’re ready to make those dreams become a reality! Reach out to me, and let’s make it happen!