Social Butterfly Styled Shoot

Man oh man! What a seriously FUN shoot I had with Social Butterfly OKC! These sisters are the sweetest, most talented, (and need I say the most beautiful) duo there is in social media management! Let me tell you a little about these girls and their styled shoot...

Based out of OKC, Social Butterfly provides clients with a game plan for promoting their businesses by consistent, creative daily social media posts. (<---Their words, taken from their Facebook page because that sums it up perfectly!) Laynie is a get-things-done, no-time-to-waste social media guru who has a gift for making plans and seeing them through in a timely manner. Nichole is an attentive, supportive strategist who is going to meet client needs and connect with them on a personal level. Between these two sisters, you have a rockstar duo who can run your company's social media and get you business. And me? I get to photograph for them and their wonderful clients so that their Instagram feeds look all pretty. 😉 Hello, dream team! 

You may be asking, Why a styled shoot? Styled shoots are a fun, visual way to showcase your brand and personality via social media. In addition to traditional head shots or product shots, styled shoots a.) help you show off your personality and brand; b.) give you content for marketing purposes; c.) display your products or services in a tangible and often unique way; and d.) simply put, they attract a following! For Laynie and Nichole, their styled shoot meant showcasing themselves not only as business women, but as wives and mothers; coffee and donut connoisseurs; and lovers of all things pretty. So we had a little fun baking in the kitchen, playing with makeup, chillin on the couch, soaking up the sun on the patio, working in the office, and so much more! 

A styled shoot can be almost anything you want it to be. Social Butterfly knew exactly what they wanted, so they came prepared with multiple outfits, items for me to photograph, and themes in mind. They pulled out all the stops! Now you might be thinking, That's great for them, but I wouldn't even know where to begin! Friend, that's totally okay! I am here to help you choose locations; decide on outfits and overall looks; select items; come up with themes that represent you and your brand; and attract your target audience! (And BONUS –– if Social Butterfly is managing your social media, THEY get to plan all of it for you so you don't even have to worry!) Win-win! 

I cannot wait until my next session with Social Butterfly, and I also cannot recommend them enough! If you own a business and running social media isn't your forte; if Instagram is taking up time you could be meeting with clients or doing the things you love most; if Facebook is causing you grief because you don't have a strategy and you feel like you're all over the place, maybe it's time to hand your social media accounts over to Social Butterfly and let them work their magic!

For more on Social Butterfly, check out this blog post by Finding Freedom to get ALL the info! And be sure to follow these girls on Instagram @socialbutterflyokc

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