Client Galleries: A Behind the Scenes Peek

I understand that there can be a few unknowns about hiring a photographer. My aim is to make sure you have zero unknowns when you hire me. That is why today I'm showing you a little behind the scenes peek and answering all your questions about one of my favorite things –– client galleries! 

What is a Client Gallery? 

A client gallery is the platform on which you will view, download and share your digital images and purchase your beautifully edited prints after your session. 

Why are Client Galleries so Exciting? 

Who doesn't like to "ooo" and "ahhh" over their photos!? There's something about viewing your images in this beautifully-crafted grid that I know will take your breath away. 

When Will I Receive my Gallery? 

Your gallery will be emailed to you just a couple of short weeks after your session. I'm usually pretty darn excited when this time comes! 

Is My Client Gallery Mobile Friendly? 

100% YES! I love the fact that my clients can view their photos on the go, easily save them to to their phone and post them to Instagram. 

How Can I Purchase My Prints? 

With the gallery's storefront feature, you don't have to worry about finding another resource for purchasing prints and canvases. Your client gallery is literally a one-stop-shop! How convenient is that!? 

Can I Share My Gallery With Friends and Family?

Totally! It's the best way to show off all your brand-new photos, and it's as easy as clicking the "share" button. And say you're sending your newborn gallery to mom... even she can purchase the prints she wants at her convenience! 

There you have it! Just another peek behind the curtain of KBP. 

Did you find this post helpful? Share it now with a friend! Do you have more questions? Leave a comment below and let me know what else you might like to know about client galleries, or any other aspect of KBP! 

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Senior Session Gear-Up {Norman, Oklahoma Senior Photographer}

Today I've got a little Throwback Thursday action for ya! I'm taking us back to three of my favorite sessions with my Class of 2016 Seniors. I thought I'd tell you a little about my sessions and get all of you 2017 Seniors geared up for your photo shoots! Whether this is your last year in high school or your final year of college, I hope this post provides you with inspiration and excitement for documenting your time as a Senior! 

Margaret's Colorful OU Senior Portrait Session

What's to love: pops of color, iconic campus spots, making the most of a windy day

When Margaret showed up in this adorable Anthropologie top, I knew it was going to be the perfect pop of color without going overboard. My favorite thing about this outfit is how well it coordinates with her surroundings – especially the famous OU campus telephone booth!

When the wind comes sweeping down the plains in Oklahoma, there's only one thing you can do – embrace it. Margaret did just that, as she tamed her blowing locks for this adorable, candid shot in front of the beautiful campus ivy!

No Senior Portrait Session is complete without a classic cap and gown portrait. Underneath the OU Clock Tower, Margaret showed off her precious graduation day ensemble and killer smile. 

Ryne's Classic OU Senior Portraits & Dapper OKC Session

What's to love: suit and tie, mums in bloom, basically being a model

When Ryne booked his OU Senior Portraits, he knew he wanted photos that commemorated his time as a Sooner, as well as shots that would carry him through into post graduation. So we split his session in two, hitting up OU's South Oval as well as downtown Oklahoma City. 

There's nothing better than picking out a snazzy suit and smiling for some super modern headshots. Ryne is out of college and now into his career, and he's still able to use these photos for all of his professional profiles. Win-win! 

Erin's Norman High School Senior Portrait Session

What's to love: the perfect accessories & natural makeup

Erin's style is so much fun. She is somehow able to simultaneously be both natural and bold, simple and eclectic. I love her color choices and layers with this outfit, don't you? And the hat really brings out her personality!

OUMT's Ridiculously Fun Senior Group Photos

What's to love: hilarious outtakes, fierce looks, and so much affection 

Talk about a fun session! The 2016 OU Musical Theater seniors had a blast in front of my camera, and I have to say I had just as much fun (if not more) behind it! 

I love how well the girls and guys coordinated dresses and shirts. Blues, greens and neutrals are so attractive on this group of senior stunners. We took photos at all of their special places on OU's campus... Carpenter Hall, in front of the fountain, all over the LOVE sign, and along the North Oval. 

I have to say, I think more seniors should do group photos. It's the perfect way to document your time together and your friendship, and to celebrate all that's ahead! 

One of my favorite things to do before a session is meet with my seniors and talk through all the fun details... what to wear, shooting locations, and how we'll make their photo session unique to them. This ensures that every senior is getting exactly what they want and that all expectations are met! They day of your shoot, expect to become a true model! Between professional hair and makeup and dressing in your new favorite ensemble, you're going to feel like a million bucks. Then when your photos are finished, you'll be wowed with pristine albums, gorgeous framed prints, and an eye-popping new profile pic will be the cherry on top. Your senior photos will be some of the most special ones to you and your family for a long, long time. That's why I'm here to make them great! 

Now that spring semester is here, it's time to get your session on the books! Spring dates fill up fast, so don't wait! 

I'm Making Some Changes in 2017!

The next time you're in someone else's home, whether a family member's or a friend's, do me a favor: Ask to look at their photos. See what they give you. Do they timidly scroll through their iPhone's camera roll? Do they fire up their laptop and open up iPhoto? Do they take you to their Facebook!!?? (Oh, Heaven.) I can tell you that if you were in my home right now, asking to see my photos, I'd do all of these things and more. And can I just be honest?

I'm so over it.

I'm so over my precious memories living in the cloud and on my devices where they only get seen by me. And the truth is, I LOVE prints! Every time I have prints made for me or for my clients, I hold that 8x10 in my hands and think, This looks WAY better in print than it does on a screen! The photo really comes to life!

So I'm making a change. Well two changes, actually: One for you and one for me.

For me: I'm vowing to make a physical photo album at the end of every year. 2016's album is already in the works! Along with that, I'm designing a gallery wall in my home that will be complete with images that I'll swap out periodically as time goes on. I can't wait to have my favorite prints on display – family portraits, my favorite vacation photos, pictures of my friends... It's going to be beautiful! 

For you: Because I'm passionate about providing you with photos that are beautiful, rich in color, well-lit and timeless, it is my conviction that those photos deserve more than a Facebook album or Instagram post. They deserve to have reach and to be well preserved – to hang in your home, to be given to family, to be printed on your Christmas card, to be kept in an album for your great grandchildren to someday see.

This is why I'm offering my clients a $100 print credit with any 2017 booking.

This means you get $100 worth of professional-grade, true-to-color prints for FREE along with with your session and digital images!! And these aren't just print proofs. You get any size, from 4x6 to 16x24. 

I've already started implementing this offer, and I've received an overwhelmingly positive response. You all are so excited to frame your prints for the walls of your home or the desks of your office, and it just thrills me! You're using this as an opportunity to gift your family images of your precious newborn baby or your senior portraits! You're choosing to preserve and cherish the investment you made by having a professional take your photos AND print them for you! YOU are doing it RIGHT! 

I can't wait to keep on printing those memories for you! If you're ready to book your session and receive $100 worth of free prints, click here

Norman, OK Pet Photography: Kim and Milly

If you know me at all, you know how much I LOVE dogs. And because I love them so much, I especially adore when my clients have their furry friends join them in their portraits. Kim and Milly's session is one of my absolute favorites. Not only do these photos capture the sweet relationship between a girl and her pup, they also capture a lot of Milly's cute personality! Norman friends, if you haven't had pet portraits made... I'm your girl for the job! 

So let's bust out the squeaky toys and treats, coordinate cardigans and collars, head out to a park (or your own backyard!) and have a little portrait playtime with your fur friend! What do ya say? 

Norman, OK Newborn Photos: Baby Girl Maggie

My sweet friends Lizanne and Andrew just entered into parenthood, and I must say, it looks good on them! You may recognize this beautiful couple from my previous post, where I debuted their maternity photos. They wanted to do something a little different to document Maggie's entrance into the world, so instead of an in-home newborn photoshoot, they opted for a "First 24" session at the hospital and included Maggie's grandparents in their photos. SO sweet! Maggie is beautiful, and I cannot wait to watch her grow! 

Styled Norman Maternity Portraits

Lately I've been working on a style guide for all you adorable clients! Why? Because I want you to look your best and feel totally prepared for your shoot! Trust me – when you dress the part, you feel the part, and when you feel the part you exude confidence! And who doesn't want more confidence for their photo shoot, right? 

So it was a pleasure to style Lizanne and Andrew - my newest models for my upcoming KBP Style Guide! I can't wait to use these images as examples in the guide, but I REALLY couldn't wait to share my favorites here with you!