Clytee's Oklahoma City Bridal Portraits

Bridal portraits aren't something I often get the pleasure of doing since I don't photograph weddings (yet!) so when I was asked to take pictures for Clytee I was so excited!


The Friday evening of Clytee's portrait session had called for rain all week, so I did a ton of research for possible indoor or covered locations in OKC to do her shoot. Friday rolled around and after all that research – and creating a pretty lengthy list of location options! – the sunshine was beaming and weather could not have been better! We ended up at our friend's home in Gaillardia Country Club and it was the perfect place for a bridal session! 

Also perfect, Clytee's stunning dress and romantic hairdo! I just love all the intricate detail of her gown. Clytee was absolutely stunning on this day and even more so on her wedding day! 

Clytee's now husband, Bear, is lifelong friends with my husband, Drew. Drew had the pleasure of getting to film their wedding day and I can't wait for the video to come out! (I'll be sharing it here when it's finished!) Their wedding was so incredibly sweet and their vows were extremely thoughtful. I had tears in my eyes the whole time! 


Clytee is one of the sweetest souls. She is kind, thoughtful, puts others before herself and is also so chill and laid back! She's one of those people who being around makes you so relaxed. After our session, my husband and I got to have dinner with Clytee, her mom, and her mother-in-law. We had such a great time getting to know each other, laughing, talking wedding plans and also talking about Clytee growing up in the country. Maybe that's where she gets her laid-back personality! 


This bridal portrait session was so much fun! Thank you, Clytee, for having me document part of this special time in your life! You're a gem!

Finding Freedom // A Friday Feature

Sometimes you just need to dive into something new. Which is exactly what I'm doing with my new blog series, "Friday Features." See the thing is, I have a lot of talented friends with giftings that really aim to serve. These friends are creatives who pour their hearts into what they do and are working hard to build a clientele, a follower base, or a readership. They are people whose kitchen tables have become their offices. They've traded in their blazers for aprons; their computers for paint. They spend 8 to 5 at their day job and 5 to midnight at their dream job, side job, creative job, or whatever they like to call it. They are writers, calligraphers, artists, teachers, sewers, bloggers, and so much more. And I'm so excited to tell you a little bit about them! 

So speaking of diving into something new, my first Friday Feature, Mary Rachel Fenrick, just launched her brand new website for her blog, Finding Freedom. Mary Rachel writes about marriage, motherhood, running marathons, living a healthy lifestyle, and so many other topics. The things I love about Mary Rachel's blog is that she's relatable, honest, encouraging, and approaches her writing through the thing she values the very most – her relationship with Jesus. She wrote a post recently where she talked about accepting herself as an introvert and being proud of who God made her to be, and the whole time I was reading it I just kept thinking how glad I was that she wrote it! We need less fluff and more honesty on blogs, don't we? 

Along with her new site, Mary Rachel got some new headshots (taken by yours truly) and I have to say, she looks fabulous in them! We took these in her home and I love the way they turned out. I'm so thankful we got to partner together for these! 

I hope you'll check out her updated site, and subscribe to her blog while you're over there!